DITE - Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education

Teacher education in universities has remained one of the least internationalised disciplines in higher education. DITE is about innovating teacher education (TE) in universities by introducing an internationalisation component. Yet, teachers are expected to educate future generations to become global citizens. In other words, students of teacher education are so far ill-equipped to transform their prospective pupils into individuals with a global mindset.

We know from the Erasmus Impact Study 2014 and various follow-up studies that mobility is not the solution if we want a large percentage of students (90%+) to be reached by internationalisation. Therefore, DITE relies on internationalisation at home (IaH) to develop a model of globalised teacher education through diverse internationalisation with a focus on students becoming teachers in upper secondary education.
Direct interaction with lecturers and students from other countries in the-train-the-trainer, the in-house modules and the network as well as the reports produced in the project will provide diverse insights. Use of online tools to enhance international engagement will also improve inclusion and diversity. Since most students and lecturers in TE will never be physically mobile, digital mobility will be a key to achieve international perspectives. DITE aims to link the experience of digitalisation in the COVID crisis with its power for internationalisation, showing how seamlessly such international components can be integrated.