• 23 JUN 23
    The DITE conference and partners meeting in Szczecin

    The DITE conference and partners meeting in Szczecin

    The University of Szczecin team was happy to host both DITE International Conference and partners meeting this week. We followed a rather busy schedule but managed to complete quite a few tasks!

    The DITE international conference took place on 20 June 2023 in the aula of Natural Sciences and Research Centre at 16a, Mickiewicza St. We spent the entire day talking about internationalisation of teacher education. Representatives of the project team shared with the audience the results we have achieved so far and our plan for the next months. The second part of the conference was dedicated to good practice examples. We were impressed to see how many different initiatives is organized in schools, pre-schools and universities both in Poland and abroad.

    21 June 2023 was fully dedicated to transnational partners meeting  and heavily focused on the in-house trainings for TE students that will be organized after summer holidays. But apart from that we also recorded testimonials of the project participants that we will share soon.

    We finished with a visit to the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Szczecin and a small guided tour to the studios were students of art and musical education are having their classes.


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