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    Mathematics in Focus

    Mathematics in Focus

    The University of Szczecin and The Maria Grzegorzewska University are cordially inviting you to participate in the international photo competition. It is open to everyone and completely free of charge.

    Participants (children, adolescents and adults) register on a website and upload photos to which they assign names and descriptions related to mathematics. A main idea of the competition is the combination of the image and the original information about it. Giving a name or title and a mathematical description changes the category of the work from photo, which speaks only through the image, to a pair (photo, text) that gives the work a hightened cognitive sense.

    This is a great example of how education and internationalisation can be intertwined. Prof. Małgorzata Makiewicz, a coordinator of the project, stated that, as a teacher and mathematician, she tries to bring this science closer to the recipients, which is why over a dozen years ago she discovered photography as the “access code” to the queen of sciences.

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