DITE - Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education

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Teacher Education (TE) in universities has remained one of the least internationalised subjects in higher education. Yet, teachers are expected to educate future generations to become global citizens. In other words, students of teacher education are so far ill-equipped to transform their prospective pupils into individuals with a global mindset.


DITE focuses on the element of internationalisation to increase capabilities of future teachers by sensitising TE students to international perspectives. We know from the Erasmus Impact Study 2014 and various follow-up studies that mobility is not the solution if we want a large percentage of students (90%+) to be reached by internationalisation. Therefore, DITE relies on internationalisation at home (IaH) to develop a model of globalised teacher education through diverse internationalisation with a focus on students becoming teachers in upper secondary education.


We are going to learn about the status quo of the internationalisation of teacher education in our countries. Gathered information will become a basis for the series of trainings for the academic teachers who teach students of teacher education and for students as well. We are going to present a model and guidelines for implementing DITE in other insitutions. We are aiming at creating a network of organisations from within and outside the consortium. This DITE network will build on dissemination efforts and ensure long-term sustainability by keeping the DITE spirit alive.


A project consortium is created by 6 institutions focused on different aspects of internationalisation of higher education: University of Szczecin, Poland (a project leader) and Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland, University of Porto, Portugal, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain, Global Impact Institute, Czech Republic and SGroup – Universities in Europe.


  • Cooperation with the West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center

    Cooperation with the West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center

    The University of Szczecin has signed an agreement with the West Pomeranian In-Service Teacher Training Center. The aim of the cooperation is to reinforce teacher training programmes in West Pomeranian region.Read more →

  • Joint Polish-German teaching studies

    Joint Polish-German teaching studies

    University of Szczecin and University of Greifswald have signed an agreement founding joint Polish-German teaching studies. Admission at both universities opens soon and the first students will start their education in October 2022.Read more →

  • 1st online meeting

    1st online meeting

    After a successful kick-off meeting in Szczecin, all the partners met again in April to discuss the project progress. We’ve decided to meet online due to the COVID-19 restrictions and postpone in-person meeting to July.Read more →

  • Kick-off meeting

    Kick-off meeting

    International Office of the University of Szczecin with their Partners cordially invite to kick-off meeting of DITE – Diverse Internationalization of Teacher Education project. DITE project is co-funded by European Union in the frame of Key Action 2 of Erasmus+ programme.Read more →








  • Associated Partners

    Martina Baseggio, eTwinning ambassador, Czech Republic

    V Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adama Asnyka w Szczecinie, Poland

    Escola Secundária de Paredes, Portugal

    Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d’Educació, Serveis Territorials a Tarragona, Spain

    Generalitat de Catalunya, Direcció General d’Innovació, Digitalització, Currículum i Llengües, Spain

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